System Maintenence

We provide customer hardware and software services, operating system and network support designed to manage the total maintenance needs help desk services, related system restoration, maintenance scheduling and systems performance testing services.

We have a HelpDesk service and remote technical support with which you can have the peace of mind of solving your computer problems at the moment they occur, reducing waiting times and travel. Our professionals will be in charge of solving any computer incident , attending to your needs in the most efficient way so that the problem is resolved as soon as possible, whether by remote support, telephone assistance or travel to your office.

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Our highly responsive, multi-platform–certified technicians offers a wide variety of plans and IT service options custom tailored to your needs. We are trained on diagnostics laptop and desktop repair and maintenance IT support with data recovery for ALL major brands of PCs, laptop computers, data storage equipment, computer printers. We repair PC and server brands such as IBM, HP/Compaq, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox and others.

Our team provides you with best services like System hardware installations, system hardware configuration, computer system repair etc. SmarEdge Business Solutions  is one of the leading technical support provider company in Nigeria with the best technical support and computer hardware support services. We render  non-stop support to its consumers and businesses across the globe. Our on-site technical support staff is long-term dedicated experts

 Below are some of system maintenance we do for your customers

  • Data recovery from formatted or corrupted drives
  • BIOS configurations
  • System testing(stress testing, memory tests, CPU temperature control )
  • Installation of operating systems
  • System Driver installation
  • Software upgrades and system updates
  • Diagnostics and removal of computer viruses and other malware
  • Education and consulting services
  • Regular system maintenance like antivirus scans, installation of software   upgrades and updates, secure storage and data integrity checks, removal of temporary and unused files and programs, contributes to system stability and lessens the possibility of errors arising.
  • RAM memory, CPU, motherboards, power supply, storage devices, graphic cards, CPU cooling systems
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