The Best Avaya IP Phones In Nigeria

Avaya IP Phones In Nigeria

SmartEdge provides a complete portfolio of business phones and communications endpoints. We supply the Best Avaya IP Phones at affordable cost In Nigeria. We offer devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, and across campuses. We support in-office, mobile, remote, and video users. Contact Us to start a conversation about the right phones for your business communications. We have different types and models of Avaya phones based on their specific tasks. These phones can be:

9600 Series IP Deskphones

  1. The Best Avaya IP Phones In Nigeria 9600 series. They offer touchscreen access to web-based applications, menus, calendars, and directories—plus high-quality voice calls, instant messaging, voice messaging, conference calling, and more. Solidly built and elegantly designed, these phones are packed with features that help support collaboration enterprise-wide.
  2. Access instant messaging, colleagues’ presence status, calendar, call history, web-based productivity apps, and more—right from your IP phone. Large, color touchscreens and customizable softkeys make these phones easy to learn and use.
  3. Use the 9600 Series IP Deskphones with the Avaya Aura® Platform. Most models also work with the Avaya IP Office™ Platform; however, models 9670G and 9601 are not compatible with IP Office.

1600 Series IP Deskphones

The Best Avaya IP Phones In Nigeria are available for businesses with basic communications needs, 1600 Series IP Deskphones deliver the frequently used features at an attractive price. Avaya IP phones for sale in Lagos Nigeria . They are ideal for main locations, branch offices, and call center agent use, and can be deployed alongside other Avaya phones, helping ensure that every employee has exactly the functionality needed. These phones work with the Avaya Aura® Platform and the Avaya IP Office™ Platform .


These conference hones offer sophisticated, easy-to-use communication solutions for small to large companies. The Best Avaya IP Phones In Nigeria. Avaya’s patented OmniSound™ technology helps ensure crystal clear transmission during meetings, so participants don’t miss any of the discussion. Plug-and-play simplicity lets you connect the conference phone to an ethernet cable or phone line. Flexible, advanced features enhance audio, web, and video conferencing environments. Choose from a variety of conference phone models to address the needs of different users in your enterprise.


The J100 series IP phones Secure and Reliable Voice Communications

Avaya’s J100 Series enhances the desktop user’s experience with a portfolio of feature-rich endpoints. Modernize your desktop experience with the latest generation of Avaya SIP-based office phones with Bluetooth and Wi-fi capabilities. The revolutionary, industry-leading Avaya J100 desktop phones feature a dynamic interface with button personalization, full month calendar view, and contact groups.

This IP Manage more functions than ever before through your web browser. Ergonomic handsets of the AVAYA J129, J139, J159, J169, and J179 textured plastic, keypad travel, and rubber feet to keep phones in place, these high-quality phones are designed live a long time. Secure, reliable, basic voice communications, the Avaya J100 series IP office phones, transform the professional desktop experience.

IP Wireless Phones, The Best Avaya IP Phones In Nigeria

Avaya IP Wireless Phones help promote and enhance user productivity and responsiveness with advanced mobile communications over wireless LANs. Avaya phone sales in Nigeria are available in Lagos.


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