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Hosted contact center in nigeria has been a center technology that both successful Small, Medium and Midsize companies are always looking for opportunities to do more with less. Their aim is to keep the company flexible, innovative and competitive. Also guarantee successful dialogue with customers, without driving up operating costs and capital expenses. However, (SmartEdge)Avaya contact center in Nigeria puts her contact center at your fingertips. Avaya sip voip center in Nigeria offers valuable benefits to any company size. This is making it easier for customers to access information and resources. Customers want contact center technology in Nigeria with a low-effort, effective service experience through any channel they wish to use. This however, will be available either via to enable voice, email, web chat, social media, avaya cloud contact center etc. When customers need you, you need to keep them closer than ever even by contact center solution services outsourcing.


We offer Cost effective, flexible contact center solutions and avaya subscription licensing models that address these mid market needs .These solutions are now available from Avaya for IP Office as a contact center appliance. When combined with IP Office, the Avaya hosted contact center services provide a very attractive value proposition. This can meet the price points required by the small to midsized business while still providing the flexibility to support tens of users to several-thousand users. The contact center solutions in Nigeria is affordable. Increasingly, customers want to interact with businesses through channels other than voice. We offer the best hosted contact centre solutions in Nigeria .

With our virtual contact center solutions, mobile devices, Internet self-service, web-chat, email, SMS, even social media are now part of our “customer experience.” This has led to the development of the multichannel contact center and AVAYA CRM solution. It goes to a single point where all channels connect to the right agent at the right time. Experience the contact center solution in a seamless fashion. However, at the core of the Avaya Contact Center Solutions is Avaya IP Office, delivering a highly scalable, flexible, and seamless collaboration experience across voice, video, and instant messaging in both centralized and remote/distributed locations and their customers. Avaya IP Office software can run inside a virtual machine or on a server or appliance. Also, it can be deployed as a mix of these to scale up to 2,500 users across up to 150 locations.


We try to make sure that our contact center builds innovation and leadership in customer experience management to midsize businesses. Also, They are part of a comprehensive solution portfolio built on the proven Avaya IP Office™ Platform. Contact center in Nigeria using Avaya IP Office is now uniquely positioned. Avaya contact center solution to provide a full solution suite for small to midsize businesses . This reduces integration risk while speeding return on investment. Our contact center in Nigeria help businesses meet and exceed the service level expectations of their customers. Therefore we work in providing deeply insightful and thorough follow through, all the way to an optimal resolution.

We offer best contact center solution in Nigeria

We help you keep your customers satisfied and loyal through contact center solutions in Nigeria. From small business to large, basic to sophisticated, premise-based to cloud-based. SmartEdge has the solutions you need to manage and grow your business to make Customer Service simple. Responsiveness to customer needs via every possible touch point in person, on the phone, via e-mail, on the Web is one of the most important challenges facing any business today. Customers remember the vendors who handle their needs well and reward them with continued loyalty. Also, because keeping an existing customer loyal costs less than finding a new one, service that delivers customer loyalty is always a good investment. Setting up a Contact center in Nigeria involves using a contact center features. These features makes use of voice calls, instant messaging, web chat, email, and fax.

At AVAYA, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of contact center solutions to help you connect with your customers in meaningful and efficient ways.

Whether you’re looking for an on-premise solution like AVAYA Aura Call Center or a cloud-based offering like AVAYA Cloud Contact Center, we have you covered. Our AVAYA CC suite includes cutting-edge technology like AVAYA IP Office Contact Center .The AVAYA Proactive Contact Supervisor also to help streamline your communication channels.

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With AVAYA, you can easily manage your omnichannel needs with our AVAYA Omnichannel Contact Center, seamlessly integrating social media and other digital platforms into your customer service processes. Our expert team can help you choose the best fit for your business, from AVAYA Contact Center Software to Aceyus AVAYA, ensuring you get the most out of our solutions.

Drive productivity and maximize your call center system with AVAYA Call Center Software and IP Office Contact Center. Plus, our competitive AVAYA Call Center Software Pricing means you can achieve top-notch customer service at a cost-effective rate.

Choose AVAYA for all your contact center product needs, and revolutionize the way your business connects with customers. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Looking for reliable and efficient contact center solutions? Explore AVAYA Contact Center Solutions for seamless communication, improved customer experience, and increased productivity. Boost your business with our advanced technology and expert support. Contact us now!



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