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SmartEdge business solutions is one of the Sip-Line Authorized Resellers in Nigeria. We offer a unique cheap international calling service that can be used from your office phone ,Avaya desk phones, terminated as DID for (The Sip-Line Authorized Resellers in Nigeriato start enjoying tremendous benefits of cheaper international calls

Call us to set up onsite NO-COST evaluation at 234-817-32-AVAYA. Ask about our bundled Telephone Systems, Integrated Voice and Data Technology services.

Benefit of buying from Sip-Line from Authorized Resellers in Nigeria

At SmartEdge, we believe that reselling SIP trunk lines should be easy and profitable for businesses. However, while ensuring that your customers have the best possible voice technology platform. Our trunks are reliable, full featured, and unique in that they include all Nigeria landline  and  mobile GSM calls.Furthermore, wholesale resellers receive 15% off our standard monthly fees (for SIP trunk lines and any premium/international calls). Then added to their account as a value-added service. This way, you can therefore add your own special touches to the product without affecting its quality or functionality.

SIP strives to optimize their data connection in order to have only one line. Dedicated for voice services and the internet. This change represents a departure from traditional phone systems, which are unable or unwilling to handle future changes.

So by using SIP, your customers can enjoy the benefits of a hosted solution. Especially, without having to remove their existing legacy telephone equipment.Consequently , this allows them to keep their current phone numbers and voicemail, while still benefiting from the features and advantages of a sip trunk .

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Our SIP trunk configuration is designed to connect your PBX to the internet to provide unrivaled flexibility, lower costs, and reduce your telephony expenses considerably. With our SIP trunk configuration, you can easily configure your office and create multiple lines to meet your communication needs.

We pride ourselves as the leading  sip trunk providers in nigeria because we  provide you with reliable Nigeria SIP numbers at affordable rates, which allows you to make calls and receive calls from any destination around the world. Our call termination service ensures that all your calls are connected, clear, and of high quality.

Our SIP trunk price has been tailored to fit your business goals and budget requirements. We guarantee to offer you unbeatable prices and support, which assures you of an excellent ROI.

As the sip trunk provider in Nigeria, by choosing our services, you get to enjoy countless benefits, which include scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. With our SIP trunk providers in Nigeria section, you can now experience seamless communication, and enhance your business’s productivity. 

Can enterprises save using  Sip-Line from Authorized Resellers like us 

Multinational companies that have presence on various countries can also find beneficial usage for this service. Using public networks to make calls can be tremendously costly and very unnecessary. With SmartEdge business, having access to PSTN number for local and long distance international call termination is possible.  Therefore There is also an option to create a private international network for sip trunks , call centers , all calls travel via your ip network and can grow as you organization grows.


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