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This is the important tool for every business to survive in the today’s marketing world.


    SmartEdge business solutions is one of the Sip-Line Authorized Resellers in Nigeria that offers a unique cheap international calling service that can be used from your office phone or mobile phones. We also have incredibly cheap local and international call rates to over 45 other countries including USA, Australia and Canada for just 15c per minute to a mobile phones or landlines.

    Cheap international calls. How can call centers benefit?

    Call centers can take advantage of cheaper international calls, especially when you consider the tremendous amount of minutes spent on conversing with someone halfway across the globe. You simply need to take the first step of contacting us(The Sip-Line Authorized Resellers in Nigeria) to start enjoying tremendous benefits of cheaper international calls.

    Can enterprises save on long distance calls?

    Multinational companies that have presence on various countries can also find beneficial usage for this service. Using public networks to make calls can be tremendously costly and very unnecessary. With SmartEdge business, having access to PSTN number for local and long distance international call termination is possible. There is also an option to create a private international network for telephony among satellite offices around the world.

     Unlike traditional phone trunks, we deploy sip trunks which are logical and use your ip network. In the past each call on PSTN (traditional phone service) had to hold a line open to make a connection.  With sip trunks, all calls travel via your ip network and can grow as you organization grows.