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SmartEdge Business Solutions Ltd Has continually supported services to individuals and companies within Nigeria. From hard work and un-daunting desire to provide technical solutions for all organizational sectors. From basic technical knowledge to highly complex engineering knowledge. We have grown to provide a competitive service pattern that keeps us ahead of our competitors. Our goal is not only to beat our competitors but to constantly improve our service practices in order to improve performance and deliver cost-effective service. optimized performance; quality, and reliable service. We stand to redefine the practice of offering technical service by upholding the reputable nature of our field.

SmartEdge Business Solutions has continually supported individuals and Organizations within Nigeria in the Procurement of IT equipment, support, maintenance, and repairs of office equipment, integrating Unified Communication using Avaya and Video Conferencing Solution, we have been able to actualize these through haritd work and un-daunting desire to provide technical solution for all organization in Nigeria and Beyond.

We provide business solutions services to our clients ranging from

Call Center Solutions
Contact Center Solutions
Door Lock Solutions
IT Consulting Services
Sip Line Authorized Reseller

With these solutions, we’ve been able to make them happy and make them ahead of their competitors in any field of business.


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