Electronic door lock access control
Electronic door lock access control

Are you looking for advanced intelligent door lock in Nigeria ? .For many years, SmartEdge Business Solutions Ltd have been in the business of selling smart door locks solution and biometric access control solution In Nigeria and beyond . With intelligent door lock and electrical appliances, keyless fingerprint door locks, Automatic Door Locks, such as IC Card Lock, keyless fingerprint door lock, TM Card Lock, Time and attendance software as well as access control devices, RF Card Lock, Intelligent Safe, Energy-saving Switch, Zkteco access control and Cabinet Locks solutions in Nigeria.

Our company passed ISO9001 & we have a CE certificate, too.

What are Smart door Locks?

A smart door lock solution and biometric access control solution are mechanical and electronic locking device that opens without a key with an electronic authorized user authentication. Although deadbolts and classic locks and keys do the job of securing the home, the installation of smart locks are more convenient, secured, and faster.  The smart lock connects with Wi-Fi and supports Siri, Alexa, and other smart assistants. It provides face recognition , RFID cards , users can also setup pin codes to open the smart electronic door locks .

Welcome to the world of smart and secure living with our electronic door lock with camera in Lagos Nigeria . Our cutting-edge Electronic Door Lock system for home offers a reliable and sophisticated way to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones. With advanced technology like 3D face recognition door lock and biometric access control machine, our access control device provides foolproof security for your home or office.

electronic door locks in Nigeria

Our Electronic Door Lock with Remote helps you control access to your property from anywhere, at any time. With the door sensor with camera, you can monitor who enters and exits your property, giving you complete control over your security.


Our Electronic Door Lock System for Home is not just a security measure, but also doubles up as time and attendance machines, making it perfect for homes and offices alike. Whether you are looking to protect your valuables, limit access to unauthorized personnel, or simply want to keep track of your employees’ attendance, our Electronic Door Lock with Camera is the perfect solution.

Upgrade your security system today and enjoy round the clock security with our advanced and innovative Electronic Door Lock system for home.

But most importantly, it alerts the owner of the coming and going of people, and some smart locks even keep the log. 

How electronic door locks and smart locks work

Compared to traditional door locks, an electronic door lock system uses wired or wireless power supply to lock and unlock the door. magnetic door lock systems use a low-voltage power source to keep the door locked. To disable the lock and open the door, a user must present an authorized credential. In a RFID key fob door lock system, for example, the key fob sends a signal to the locking mechanism, which, when authorized, triggers the door to unlock. Also, software system configures the magnetic door locks.

However, we have smart door locks and biometric electromechanical locks. Both perform the locking and unlocking mechanisms based on signals received from wireless protocol and cryptographic keys. Usually Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, smart door locks in Nigeria have the added benefit of being able to use virtual keys. This makes us offer the best door lock price in Nigeria. Instead of a physical credential, keyless door smart locks opens via a mobile phone app or Cloud Key credential.

Are you looking for the best and cheapest smart door lock price in Nigeria ?

Because electronic lock systems rely on the Internet and Bluetooth to function, they also should have built in security. Mostly with the event of a power outage. With a fail-secure door lock, the door stays locked if there is a power outage. However, Fail-safe  door locks will unlock to let anyone in. As a best practice, smart locks should include a backup battery so that you retain full functionality to lock or unlock the door as needed if the system loses power. Additionally, If your system does not have backup battery power, you may want to pair any electronic door strike plate locks with a manual lock.

Electronic door lock types

There are many different types of door smart locks available for business security systems. Similar to residential smart locks, smart door locks have additional flexibility for keyless entry, plus the ability to manage the security system remotely. One of the main differences in a smart door lock system. However, they are designed for thousands of users, and often have additional security measures to protect large spaces. These more technologically advanced business door locks have the potential to dramatically increase the safety and security of the office.

keypad door locks and combination locks 

Advanced intelligent door lock keypad door locks require users to type in a code on a keypad to unlock the door. These types of business door locks configures with one PIN code for all users. This also uses a unique PIN codes for each individual user. This makes them a popular choice for buildings. They want heightened security. keypad door locks in combination with a keyed entry or deadbolt used sometimes

3D smart door locks and biometric access control solution with keyless door locks 

smart door lock lagos nigeria
access control lagos

The Future of Home Security: Discover the Benefits of a Smart Door Lock

Keyless entry is an increasingly popular option for smart door lock systems. One of the main benefits of keyless door locks is users don’t need a physical key to unlock the door. With a RFID door lock, keyless entry can use encrypted key cards, key fobs, or mobile credentials in place of a physical key. Some keyless door locks also support touchless entry for doors . Another advantage of keyless door locks like Suprema is if someone loses their credential, or an employee leaves the company, you don’t need to remove  all the locks. Revoking access is as easy as a click of a button. As a result, google playstore downloads tuya mobile apps and the change is instantaneous.

Remote door locks for business

One of the benefits of using a smart door locks solution is the remote door lock properties can use. Everything is managed remotely, mostly because the smart door lock system is connected to the internet. The remote door lock for business lets teams monitor and respond to security issues from anywhere, with the ability to unlock or lock the door in real-time with a single click.

Automatic door lock systems

This type of technology uses an advanced intelligent door lock system which is a great security system for office door and multi-tenant building deployments. Only with a few different use cases. When integrated with access control and proximity readers, automatic door lock systems for business settings ensures doors always locked after-hours. Automatic door lock systems connected to alarm systems. Also, panic bar door locks to ensure building security during an emergency. This has the ability to remotely unlock the door for first responders.

Biometric access control door locks in NIGERIA


High-security areas sometimes need an additional layer of protection. Spaces that house expensive equipment, sensitive information, intellectual property, or protected substances, such as in a hospital, financial building, or laboratory, may choose to install biometric reader door locks. However, when considering biometric door locks, buildings can choose from a variety of equipment. So, This could be fingerprint scanners, facial recognition technology, and retina scans. If an additional reader is not feasible then many mobile access control systems also support two-factor authentication with biometric identification, via FaceID, fingerprint scan, or personal passcode.


Video reader door locks

Also, the highest standard for security, keyless door locks paired with a video reader combine access control capabilities with the power of video surveillance, right at the door. Having visual verification of all access events from the vantage point of where security incidents most often occur. Security teams and property managers can make informed decisions and respond faster to security incidents. While video surveillance cameras can be installed for a similar purpose, pairing a video reader or business video intercom with electronic door locks and smart locks gives you all-in-one functionality. Both are better user experience and a smarter investment for your smartedge business solutions. Installation engineers are trained to install the best access control in Lagos Nigeria.

Advantages of using a smart lock over a regular door lock

Secured Access

Our smart door locks solution and biometric access control solution allows the owner to give access to family and friends without compromising security. There is no tension in changing locks once in a while. However, with smart locks, one is relieved of misplacing keys and making duplicate keys for family and friends. Therefore, the virtual keys give easy access and let the owner control it remotely. 

Can be used on smartphones

The best Smart door locks and biometric access control systems can be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is easily accessible via smartphone. The owner gets notified when someone uses the front door and when people are going. One can control the lock remotely anytime, anywhere. So you can share temporary or permanent access with friends and family by giving them passcodes. All the best smart locks are accessible via smartphones. 

Multiple options to lock/unlock home

Smart door locks and biometric systems offer multiple options to lock or unlock the home like Wi-Fi, smart lock, automatic lock/unlock, fingerprint, passcode, mechanical key, shake to open. It’s in the hands of the user who to give permanent access to and who to give temporary access to. Smart locks can’t be easily hacked. Also,its’s almost impossible to guess the passcode of the lock.Furthermore , if you are looking for the best company for your smart door lock automation in Lagos Nigeria.  SmartEdge Business Solutions would be the real deal . So, contact us today for all your advanced intelligent door lock needs.


If you choose SmartEdge intelligent Automatic Door Locks, It means you have chosen high quality to secure your valuable property and guests. Our keyless fingerprint door locks offer you maximum safety and convenience and help you to lower the operation costs. This is yet another smart door lock that


Our Wireless door lock system and stand-alone Automatic door locks require no wiring. It adopts DALLAS TM(IB) card to perform control function and unlocking function is completely independent and stand-alone. A program resident in the lock controls it and its then activated by cards which are coded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance become simple and easy.

Mechanical key: The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking of the mechanical key in an emergency.

So Keycards make the access authority clear. There are Master Card, Building Card, Floor Card, Waiter Card, and Guest Card. Hotel managers can modify the authority of each card according to actual needs at any momen

CENTRALISED Time & Attendance Solution for Multi-Location

Web-Based Time & Attendance Software enables users to access the centralized system anywhere via their web browser and remotely manage thousands of time and attendance terminals under the complex network (WLAN)

Then again, moving all employee data to a centralized server, you will be able to accurately track their salaries and attendance records. This cloud-based architecture makes it easy for employees located in different parts of the world or even across countries. The software’s automatic processing means that this information is always up-to-date no matter where your offices are situated

Door  Lock Security and Solutions

Also, Automatic Door lock solutions really have a connection with door security. With Abloy locks, Assa locks, security door locks, magnetic locks, electronic locks as well as security gate locks, wireless door locks, hotel locks and also electromagnetic door locks, etc. The electronic locking system has been the most common security system for doors in recent times. companies that are experts in security door access systems does them. Usually the entrance door locks, hotel lock systems, front door locks and handles, door knobs with locks, sliding door security lock and even garage door security locks. Of course, by possessing door locks with keys, key card access door locks, Abloy replacement keys, fingerprint door lock.

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