Computer Solutions include  hardware repairs, we are certified on IBM, HP, and Dell server equipment.

Highly Skilled Computer Solutions Support Team

Our highly avaya ip office , and Linux server and mail solutions for large industrial, professional, retail and government clients that reach their remote offices via server based computing solutions with particular attention paid to security and performance. SmartEdge business solutions Ltd network team works with clients to develop the best solutions for a business’ needs and budget. We place  emphasis on stability and scalability of our IT services . Our solutions will grow as our client’s businesses grow.

IT consultancy services 

We Service just about every make of computers, laptops, desktops, notebooks, servers. We provide data recovery, Virus removal, Spyware removal, upgrades, hardware repairs, software upgrades ,network team can perform an audit to analyze the areas causing performance issues and make recommendations for short term problem resolution as well as a road map for future growth.

Our team has years of experience deploying  computer solutions for companies of various sizes and in many different industries. This knowledge allows our team to make the best possible recommendation for every client . We have a track record behind us to prove that all our  solutions work  well.

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Our IT solutions are designed to provide immediate and professional resolutions to all technical issues. By implementing proactive maintenance, our goal is to limit the amount of downtime that occurs. Down time on a  server or network can have a significant impact on the entire business, leading to lost revenue and wasted resources. We ensure quick and decisive on-site support with competent disaster management and recovery plans in case of failure. In addition, we have multiple layers of backup protection so your company files remain safe even if one layer fails.

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