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IP Office is a versatile communications solution that combines the reliability and ease of a traditional telephony system with the applications and advantages of an IP telephony solution. This converged avaya solutions communications  can help businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service

Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office telephone or home telephone; using wired, wireless or broadband connections

What Are My Choices?
Successful companies are always looking for new ways to do more with less – keeping their business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs and capital expenses. Avaya IP Office is the right choice for any small business today – whether you have 5, 25, 250 or 1000 employees… just getting started or already established have a single location or multiple locations across the globe…
With IP Office you can tailor the solution to your user needs (e.g. Teleworker, Mobile Worker, Customer Service Agent, etc.). Whether you have 5 employees, 25, 250 or more, IP Office is the right choice

IP Office: Three Key Things To Know
All small and medium size businesses are seeking ways to reduce costs and improve the way it operates. Like every business, you’re looking to keep all your customers, add new ones and grow at the pace that’s right for you. Avaya understands this. With over one hundred years of experience as a leader in communications, we know that the right solution for your business is one that helps you increase profitability, improve productivity and gain competitive advantages

Serving Customers Effectively with Unified Communications?
Your office telephone, cell phone, e-mail, texting, instant messaging and even your home telephone are all essential to the way you work today. Unlike other solutions, Avaya IP Office uses built-in intelligence to simplify your use of wired, wireless and Internet communications. Instead of keeping your communications separate, Avaya IP Office and  avaya series brings them together so you can easily turn a home or mobile phone into an office extension, collaborate with dozens of customers or staff members on a conference call and get detailed reports that show how well your company is responding to customers. With rich functionality, IP Office naturally creates new ways of thinking about the role communications can play in your business

IP Office: See What Avaya Can Do For You
You need a communications system – every business does. To find one that’s right for your business, start with Avaya. With solutions like IP Office, we’re revolutionizing how small and medium size businesses communicate. Now is the time to see what an Avaya solution can do for your business

Reduce Monthly Costs Now!
IP Office will help you lower the cost of communications, with capabilities like conferencing, making calls over a managed Internet service (Voice over IP) and the “all-in-one” benefits of a converged communications system.

Leave The office? Be Accessible!
With easy, flexible options for call/message forwarding and one-number reachability,IP Office keeps everyone in touch. Get the freedom to go where you want and never miss important business calls.

Serve Better…..Sell more.
IP Office can give you a customer sales and service center designed for your needs and your budget – with all the routing and reporting capabilities you need. Deliver the personal service that builds sales and loyalty.

Get Connected

Talk to your Avaya Business Partner. Discuss where you want communications to add value to your business. Learn about the different service and support options that are available. See why thousands of growing businesses rely on the innovative Avaya IP Office solution.

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